Keep your pet's poop bags in a handy dispenser!

Let's face it: cleaning up poop is one of the least pleasant parts of being a pet parent. That's why we've done our best to make it more convenient for you.

The PooPouch is a compact dispenser that carries all your dog's poop bags in one keychain-sized pack.

Specially made for pet parents on the go, this cute poop bag dispenser is made from quality canvas fabric. Its waterproof material makes rain and dew roll right off the surface, keeping each baggie dry for the next use.



  • Waterproof Fabric: Handmade from top-quality canvas fabric, the PooPack is fray-resistant and waterproof. Its waxed surface lets water droplets slide off, leaving poop bags dry and clean.
  • Easy-Access Hole: No need to fumble with zippers or snaps. An accessible opening can be found right at the center of this poop bag dispenser. Simply reach in and pull to get as many as you need.
  • Subtle Design: Squint a little and it may just look like a tiny coin purse. Our PooPack is designed to look chic, letting it blend in with the rest of your outfit. 
  • Hooks to Anything: Super sturdy hooks let you hook your bag dispensers to any surface. Whether it's a keychain or a belt loop, you can rest assured that this dispenser isn't going to fall off mid-jog. 



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