Get a handy treat pouch for your canine friend!

Keys, phone, and wallet- you wouldn't leave home without these essentials. So why take your furry companion out without food?

Whether it's walks or hikes, our amazing SnackPack makes travels with your dog easier on them and more convenient for you!

Handmade from top-quality waterproof canvas, the SnackPack has a secure inner lining that keeps food whole and dry on the go. Simply fill it with kibble, hook it up to your belt loop or bag and head out for adventure.



  • Waterproof Material: Our SnackPack is handcrafted from top-grade waxed canvas. Water droplets roll off its non-absorbent surface, keeping your pet's snacks dry and crisp inside. 
  • Quick-Secure Closure: Close and open your goodie bag with one quick tug. The drawstring closure lets you reach in quick enough to give your pet a snack without giving ants and flies a meal.
  • Reversible Lining: It features a black inner lining that protects the main canvas fabric from stains, grease, and crumbs. Dust of remaining traces of yesterday's snacks by simply pulling out the inner layer, no washing necessary!
  • Durable Metal Hardware: We used only the sturdiest rivets and clasps for the SnackPack. Designed and optimized for travel, these reliable metal components stay put even on the most demanding hikes, runs, and walks. 


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